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1 Hour Package        $575      15  Photoshopped Images   ($38 each)

2 Hours Package      $775      30  Photoshopped Images   ($26 each)

3 Hours Package      $975      45  Photoshopped Images   ($22 each)

4 Hours Package    $1175     60  Photoshopped Images   ($20 each)


* All fees include GST.  Parking fees are charged extra. Travel fees apply for locations beyond Metropolitan Sydney area.



High resolution digital JPG  files suitable for large printed marketing material, plus smaller web size versions.


Photoshopping includes removing minor clutter / markings or unwanted elements within the images, correcting colour accuracy from mixed light sources, balancing light levels to reduce contrast from strong sunlight, enhancing colours and textures, and various other subtle but effective adjustments to give you a realistic but more polished result!

Please note - I don't offer to replace skies like you might see in real estate images, and there are limits to the amount of complex photoshopping I can provide. For example, I can't replace unsightly furniture of decor for you!  

Images delivered via Dropbox.

All areas within Sydney Metropolitan Area are covered in the fee. Areas beyond this are subject to additional cost.

Parking fees are charged to client.



You can use the images however you like, and the building owner can have a free set of the images you buy, but if any other suppliers or professionals involved with the project would like to use the images they would need to purchase them from me.


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