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"My primary goal is to create the best images for my clients, with first class photography and editing that adds real value to their investment.

Clients love my services because I go the extra mile to ensure they end up with the images they need." 


Hi, I’m Huw and I’m the lucky one who gets to photograph amazing places and people for a living!

I've been a full time professional photographer for over 10 years, learning by research, trial and experimentation.


Originally from Wales (hence the Welsh spelling of ‘Hugh’), I worked for architects and interior designers in Cardiff, London and Dublin in my 20’s and managed to fit in a fair share of travelling too.

Then in 2006 my brother and I flew to Chile, bought motorbikes, and set off around South America for 10 months.

Back in Chile at the end of that part of the trip - I met my future wife, a gorgeous Sydney girl called Niva.

We kept in touch and caught up again in Sydney and then London where she was living at the time, and then we eventually moved in together there.

In 2008 we moved back to Sydney from London to start a new life together, and I started a photography business focusing on architecture and interiors. A client asked me to take some business portraits of their team and that led me to add business portrait photography to my services aswell.

My wife and I are fortunate enough to have two beautiful little ones - a boy of 8 and a girl of 5. I’m very lucky that the flexibility of my work allows me to spend lots of time with the family, and to be there for so many precious moments.

I started taking family portraits for friends and family, and then it felt the right time to add that to my offerings aswell. 



Our beautifully lit Bondi Beach studio is set up in the front of our home – a converted federation style red brick cottage with a little garden at the front.

It's perfect for business portraits or family portraits. You’ll have access to our bathroom, changing room and kitchen.

Coffee and tea at no extra charge!


Contact me for a gift card, makes a great present or gift for a relative or professional pal.

Delivered as a PDF gift card via email so they’ll never lose it!

LAMROCK STUDIO 2020-08-24-023A-WEB.jpg
LAMROCK STUDIO 2020-08-24-051A-WEB.jpg
LAMROCK STUDIO 2020-08-24-086A-WEB.jpg
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